FlightClaim.ro is in the process of executing Blue Air and Wizz Air accounts for non-compliance with passenger rights

FlightClaim.ro, a Dutch company based in Romania, specialized in assisting passengers with delayed flights, cancellations or overbooking, has obtained in court in Romania, Spain and Germany final judgments in lawsuits against airlines that did not pay the legal compensation between 250- 600 euros for passengers on canceled or delayed flights. 

Following the completion of the court proceedings and the final decisions, FlightClaim.ro appealed to the Judicial Executors to set up accounts on the airlines that did not respect the rights of the passengers nor the obligation to pay the legal compensation to the company that assisted the passengers.

Forced by the decision of some airlines to ignore the law and the European Regulation, FlightClaim.ro, on behalf of the represented passengers, has acted in the airlines for non-payment of amounts starting from 250 euros and up to 600 euros / person, even if this this ultimately means an almost double payment for the airline, bringing together court and enforcement costs.

The most recent situations of this type involve the companies Blue Air and Wizz Air, against which a total of 3 execution procedures were initiated in January this year. During the last year, other airlines such as Vueling or Tarom were also executed, including in foreign courts, while numerous passenger files that traveled with Air Bucharest, Lufthansa, Iberia, Alitalia, Swiss, Air Moldova , Ryanair, Eurowings or TAP are in court.

In total, FlightClaim.ro currently has approximately 170 files opened in court, of which about 30 in Romania, 100 in Germany, 30 in France and 10 in Spain. The court cases represent only 2% of the total cases, but most cases are resolved amicably by the specialists and lawyers of the company.

The lowest amount executed was 250 euros, with a decision against Blue Air. The average value of the execution decisions is about 10,000 RON, for groups of 5-8 passengers.

"Although the European Regulation is more than clear in terms of passenger rights and the amount of compensation due for each individual case, we still face the refusal of airlines to comply with and comply with their obligations to passengers, even when there is a final decision in court. Thus, we have reached the situation where companies such as Blue Air have to pay us about 1,000 cases of compensation of 250 and 400 euros per passenger, some even older than one year, for the clients we represent, customers who have the legal right to receive the money and for which we will probably also get to the court and the execution of the company accounts, with much higher costs from the airline. ”said Cees Werff, general manager of FlightClaim.ro

"After all the legal and enforcement actions, the amount due is even twice as large as it was originally, because the airlines also pay the costs of the court and enforcement. From these amounts the airline operators could pay compensation in double number for the passengers, acting legally and gaining the reputation of the company that respects their clients. And yet some airlines choose not to do it, it's incredible ”, said Ramona Colea, operational director of BaniDinCer.ro, the company representing Romania's FlightClaim organization.

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