Holcim Romania opens a new ecological concrete station in Tunari, Ilfov County

Holcim Romania Group, the largest manufacturer of construction materials on the local market, announces the opening of a new ecological concrete plant in Tunari, Ilfov County. Thus, the company reaches 19 such stations across the country.

Like the other ecological concrete stations, the Tunari unit will manufacture and sell ECOPact, the first range of green concrete on the market, with 30% less CO2 emissions.

“Through this new ecological concrete plant in Tunari, we are one step closer to our customers and we are consolidating our investment in growing the sustainable construction market in Romania. At the same time, we honor our commitment at the beginning of this year through ECONCEPT, our new business model, and offer an integrated range of ECO products and solutions, to accelerate the transition to a greener built environment. Our goal is to build responsibly towards the environment and towards future generations”, said Anca Alexandru, Concrete Division Director, Holcim Romania.

The ecological concrete plant in Tunari is the sixth Holcim Romania station opened in the Bucharest-Iflov area and is part of the company’s long-term strategy to support sustainable construction.

ECOPact concrete from Tunari station are in the A ecological climate class, with 30% less CO2 emissions. Moreover, this range contributes with 2 points in the LEED assessment and 6 points in the BREEAM certification system for green constructions, offering a high sustainability score.

ECOPact concrete range can be used in a wide range of applications: residential and non-residential construction, industrial, hydrotechnical or infrastructure construction. In addition to its contribution to CO2 reduction, the ECOPact range ensures a higher level of resistance in aggressive environmental conditions.

The ecological concrete plant in Tunari will also be included in the Clicbeton.ro platform - the first online platform for purchasing concrete in the country, developed by Holcim Romania. 

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