Jim Kearney is the new country manager for UPS Romania
Source: www.ups.com

UPS, the global leading logistic services provider has a new Country Manager for Romania, Hungary and Greece. The Irish Jim Kearney has a background of 27 years of experience in UPS and will be coordinating a team of approximately 650 employees.  His responsibilities include operations, business development, and the UPS strategy in the three countries. 

Over the years, Kearney’s career in UPS evolved from a simple administrative worker in the financial-accounting department of UPS UK, to several positions within the same department, and later on became office manager for European Consolidated Service Center in Dublin. In 2003, he occupied the position of financial manager for the financial-accounting department of UPS Europe in Brussels, and one year later he got promoted to controller for a region in UPS including the Mediterranean area, Middle East and Africa. In 2009 he was assigned country manager for UPS Ireland, then, in 2011, chairman for the contractors of authorized services for UPS Europe, Middle East and Africa, and in 2013, the same responsibilities, but for Eastern Europe.   Former country manager Tim Helsen was appointed country manager for UPS Netherlands. 

UPS is present in Romania since 1990 and operates since 2008, presently having 140 employees and a fleet of 100 vehicles. The Romanian system connects daily to the UPS global network via flights from Otopeni, Timsoara and Cluj.

by Mihaela Constantin

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