MHS Holding announces a turnover of EUR 415 million and over 12 percent increase in sales

MHS Holding registered an overall turnover of EUR 415 million, and an increase of total sales of new cars by 12.4% as compared to the year 2018. Automobile Bavaria, the market leader of the authorized BMW dealers’ network from Romania had an increase in the sale of new BMW cars by 18 % as compared to the preceding year. MHS Motors, the Opel dealer from Târgu Mureş registered an increase by 55 % in the sale of new cars, as compared with 2018. The importer and distributor of MAN trucks registered an increase by 0.8% of the market share as compared to the year 2018, given the conditions of a decreasing market for new heavy vehicles, showing nevertheless a double number of service contracts.

The deliveries of MHS Holding (Automobile Bavaria, MHS Truck & Bus,MHS Motors, Bavaria Mobility, Schmidt Automobile, Schmidt Premium Cars andMHS Automotive), reached a total number of 8,693 vehicles in 2019, representing all the brands sold by the group of companies. In Romania, MHS Holding sold 4,693 units, new and used cars sold through the dealers of Automobile Bavaria, as well as trucks and buses sold through MHS Truck & Bus. The turnover registered by the companies from Romania in 2019 increased by 8% as compared to the previous year, reaching EUR 260 million. 

Last year, the 12 locations within the network of Automobile Bavaria registered more than 63,000 entries in BMW & MINI Service Centers, with an increase of approximately EUR 3.5 million compared with the year 2018. 

Apart from the accelerated digitalization in all the fields of activity, we are pursuing to extend the service capabilities in most of BMW locations up to 30% more and we are closely analyzing whether it would be expedient to open new service locations. The increase of the customers’ degree of satisfaction and the strengthening of good relationship with the latter will remain among our main objectives in the year 2020 as well. We are also considering to extend the service network for MINI and BMW Motorrad.”,stated Mr. Georg Pfeffer, CEO of Automobile Bavaria.

With an increase of 25% in the sales made in 2019, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars München exceeded the performances of 2018, and it was awarded, as such, in the Annual Conference from Singapore with the prize “Global Dealer of the Year 2018”. Both on the market from Germany and that from Romania, the dealer perfectly got in line with the historic results obtained by this brand at global level. One of the factors that significantly contributed to this increase was the new model Rolls-Royce Cullinan, very appreciated at global level, including by the customers from Romania.

Cullinan surpassed all the expectations and we are very proud that both in Germany and in Romania we managed to meet the desires of our customers, to get it as soon as possible and enjoy the receipt of a true representative of super – luxurious SUVs. It is the model that registered the fastest rhythm in sales in the history of this brand and we were even among the first to deliver it. Our brand manager from Bucharest, Mr. Cristian Bednar was the one that sold the model on display in the auto salon from Geneva to a client from Romania, immediately after the event. During the first part of this year we shall present the version Black Badge of Cullinan, this being a line that received and extensive popularity at global level, and then during the second half of the year the new model Ghost is to be launched.” stated Mr. Michael Schmidt, the President of MHS Holding and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars München & Bucharest.

As regards the service operations, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Bucharest registered record numbers, with the growth of luxury goods market in the region. Almost the entire Rolls-Royce auto fleet in the country entered the service from Bucharest, for maintenance operations. “We have customers from the entire region, most of all from Bulgaria, Moldova or Serbia. We have recently received a visit from Tbilisi, Georgia. A car sent especially to us for revision and maintenance works. Rolls-Royce customers are often travelling, they have properties in several countries and are expecting to receive a high degree of quality in the received services, wherever they are. That is why we have to be always prepared at the highest level.” stated also Mr. Michael Schmidt.

“The brand image consolidation of Automobile Bavaria, based on those 25 years of experience with BMW brand in Romania and not only that, will be one of our main objectives this year, at the same time with keeping to the positive trend in the sales for all the brands in the portfolio. 

The development of used cars business through an increase in volume and the diversification of services provided to the customers is also a priority, made complete with an accelerated digitalization in all the fields of activity. As regards the dealers’ network, we intend to transform several service only locations in dealers for sales and service for the MINI brand, in order to sustain the increase in the volume of sales on this segment. Once the range of electric cars and plug in hybrid of BMW Group and the launching of new models is extended at the beginning of this year, we also follow with interest the decisions taken by the authorities that refer to “Rabla” and “Rabla Plus” programs. We are also supporting the development of the network of supplying stations for the latter, with two high power stations that are already in place at Băneasa and Militari.

Also, we wish to maintain the trend of increase in the sales of new and used motorcycles in all the towns where we are represented” explained Mr. Georg Pfeffer, CEO Automobile Bavaria. Georg Pfeffer was appointed as CEO Automobile Bavaria at the end of 2018, with an extensive experience of more than 25 years in the management for auto field.

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