Recolamp Association keeps committed to reach the collection targets for waste management of lighting equipment
Source: Recolamp Association
Recolamp Association, a non-profit association specializing exclusively in the waste management of lighting equipment has published its annual activity report for 2014. Recolamp administered a budget of approximately 6,000,000 lei, representing the Green Stamp of 0.9 RON (plus VAT) applied to each bulb sold by the Association member companies.  
About half of this budget was allocated to logistics costs - the procurement of necessary containers for waste collection, transport costs, sorting by types and sizes of lighting equipment recycling. " Starting the  first of January 2016 the target of collecting will be of at least 40% of the average weight of products placed on the market in the past three years by Romanian producers. And by 2021, the Romanians must be able to ensure the collection and treatment of waste at a minimum 65% of the electrical equipment, "says Béla Kovács the General Director of the Association Recolamp.
In total, in the first seven years of operation (September 2007-September 2014), Recolamp collected and recycled 1,800 tons of waste lighting equipment. 
Recolamp has among it's members 164 manufacturers / importers of lighting equipment, from which it has taken the legal responsibility of the management of waste from electrical and electronic equipment. 
On behalf of its participants, the association collected 476 tonnes of waste light sources. During 2014 Recolamp continued to develop customized campaigns supported by information and awareness to increase awareness collection of lighting equipment, strengthening its reputation in recycling. In 2015, Recolamp will continue outreach activities and investments in containers, having again as objective the collection and recycling of at least 40% of what the member manufacturers put on the market.  Today, the association is the most efficient and relevant actor in the market of lighting equipment waste management. 
According to the latest data (* Intermediate), published by the National Environmental Protection Agency, in 2013, in Romania, all those authorized to handle waste management of lighting equipment collected 599.27 tons. Of the total amount, Recolamp managed to collect 476 tons, or approximately 80% of the total volume.
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