Retail turnover, up by 7 percent in 2014
Source: Ambro

The retail turnover volume expanded by 7 percent last year, stimulated by rising sales of non-food products, food, beverages, tobacco, and fuel, according to a report of the National Institute of Statistics (INSSE) which does not take into consideration the turnover generated by the sales of cars and motorcycles.

During the period under review, the retail turnover had increased successively, mainly triggered by boosting sales of non-food products (+10.6 pct). Revenues generated by food, beverages and tobacco sales increased by 7.5 percent, whilst the sales of fuel for vehicles in specialized shops saw a marginally growth of 0.3 percent.

The month-on-month results indicate a rebound in the retail turnover volume after a 0.5 percent decline in November 2014. Hence, in the last month of the previous year, the retail revenues rose by 7.8 percent as gross series due to a dramatic increase in sales of food, beverages, tobacco products (+25.1 pct). Non-food products generated increasing sales, too (+1.3 percent). In contrast, sales of fuel for vehicles in specialized shops dropped by 3.3 percent.

Based on seasonally adjusted series, the retail turnover volume grew by 0.3 percent on higher sales of fuel products (+2.9 pct), food, beverages and tobacco (+0.9 pct), whereas sales of non-food products declined by 2.9 percent. 

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