Romania's unemployment rate in January stands at 4.80 percent

The unemployment rate recorded in the National Employment Agency (ANOFM) records was 4.80 percent in January 2017, higher by 0.03 percentage points compared to the one of the previous month and lower by 0.01 percentage points compared to the one in January 2016, according to a ANOFM release sent to AGERPRES on Monday. Out of the total number of 421,236 unemployed registered in the territorial agency's records a number of 94,141 were receiving unemployment benefit. The male unemployment rate has increased from 5.17 percent in December 2016 to 5.24 percent in January this year, and the female unemployment rate dropped from 4.29 percent to 4.28 percent, the release reads.

Depending on the residence area, at January-end 2017, a number of 123,278 unemployed were form urban areas and 297,958 from rural areas. The most unemployed were aged between 40 - 49 years old (121,902 persons), followed by the persons aged between 30 - 39 years old (87,281), while at the opposite were the persons aged between 25 - 29 years old (32,971), according to the release.

"In respect to the unemployment structure after the educational level, the unemployed without studies and the ones who have primary, secondary and vocational level of studies had the higher weight of the total unemployment registered in the ANOFM (80,21 percent) records, while the unemployed who have high school and post-high school level of studies represented 16.23 percent and the ones with academic studies stood at 4.13 percent," according to ANOFM representatives. 

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