Romania will launch 5G services by 2020

The Government of Romania, together with the other European Union member states have agreed to the commercial launch of 5G technology in the first major cities in 2020 and the coverage of all urban centers and main transport routes by 2025. To this end, to facilitate investments in 5G network deployment, Romania will provide additional radio spectrum resources, harmonized at European and global level, in the year 2019 announced the telecom arbitrator ANCOM in a press conference.

The implementation of 5G technology will create in Romania more than 252,000 new jobs and benefits estimated at 4.7 billion euros by 2025, in sectors such as auto, transport, utilities and health, according to the European Commission. "Our goal is to launch the 5G services in 2020 in the larger cities, and by 2025 we want 5G in all urban centers as well as the links between them such as highways or railways, " said Sorin Grindeanu, president of the authority.

Forecasts show that the number of 5G users will reach 1 billion in 2023, the estimated benefits of the 5G are likely to be manifold on multiple plans for both consumers and manufacturers goods and services, whether public or private. An input-output quantitative analysis of the interdependencies among 38 economic sectors in the European Union shows that the installation and use of 5G networks in Europe will have a significant induction effect across the Union, estimated at € 142 billion and 2.4 million jobs.

For Romania alone the multiplier effects are estimated at 4.7 billion euros and the creation of over 252.000 jobs respectively.

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