Romanians pay on average 350 lei with the card on delivery

According to DPD Romania, one of the most important players on the local parcel and express delivery market, the average value of the parcel paid by the card at delivery through the mPOS service is 348.64 RON. The top cities where the card is most often paid on delivery are dominated by Bucharest, followed by Iasi, Cluj, Timisoara and Tulcea, cities that together account for 80% of total payments through mPOS.

At the opposite end, cities with the least paid card are Brasov, Craiova, Ploiesti, Drobeta-Turnu Severin and Petrosani, cities that account for less than 1%.

The mPOS service can be used for any type of delivery, both for the payment of the refund amount and for the parcel delivery, and is addressed to B2B and B2C segments. So far, over 10% of DPD's business customers have chosen this service. The procedure by which they choose to provide the payment service with the card upon delivery is simple, by completing a single annex and the money transfer into the account is made in 24h.

"Our constant concern is to provide modern and flexible services to both our online store customers and our partners. The actual courier market means a much stronger interaction between the sender and the recipient, and e-commerce has been the factor that has developed this. By equipping our couriers with state-of-the-art mPOS terminals, our customers and partners across the country can benefit from an optimized payment experience. We thank the partners who have promoted this payment solution to the final customers and we want to continue to support us in this process, "says Lucian Aldescu, DPD Romania CEO.

According to DPD Romania, the industries that report the highest rate of use of the card payment on delivery are: IT, fashion, home appliance and home & deco, the most active segment being B2C.

Company data show that card payments at delivery through mPOS are mostly made by young people aged 25 to 35 with higher education and online shopping experience.

The mPOS lost service launched by DPD Romania in 2016, beginning in Bucharest. During 2017, it was extended at national level. At present, over 600 mPOS devices are available, with each DPD courier equipped with such a device.

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