Summer season of at least 9 months for tourism on the Black Sea coast

The summer season must last at least 9 months in order to talk about sustainable, efficient and coherent tourism on the Black Sea coast. This is the conclusion, unanimously adopted by all those present at the public debate in Constanța, within the national project "Romanian tourism - between impasse and opportunity".

The proposal was initially launched for debate by Dragoș Anastasiu, president of the Alliance for Tourism (APT), who believes that "as long as the summer season is 2-3 months, we can not claim that tourism on the Black Sea becomes a national priority . We have to do it in such a way as to attract tourists, Romanians but especially foreigners, seniors, at least 9 months a year. The extension of seasonal tourism to nine months of activity per year could help Romanian tourism to develop sustainably and organically ", concluded Anastasiu.

In his turn, Vergil Chițac, the mayor of Constanța, wants the share of tourism in the GDP to increase in Romania, as in other member states, from 5% to 10%. "I am a supporter of the action and I want the center of Constanța to become a tourist area of ​​national interest." In this context, he also spoke about the importance of Destination Management Organizations (MDGs). "In Constanța we are in the process of finalizing the status of the law establishing the MDGs, 99% is ready. Because we can only promote through Mama both Mamaia and Constanța as a tourist destination. This is a place that must become the most important tourist destination. Here we have the oldest history in our country. So, from this perspective, the MDG must work ", said the mayor of Constanța. Regarding the extension of the beaches, Vergil Chițac considers that the absence of a large number of tourists, especially in the northern part of Mamaia resort, is the result of an "undeserved media promotion", adding that the extension of the beaches is a project for 50 years, in which millions of euros have been invested, this is the way to look. 70 hectares of beaches are added to the national territory. The rest are inconvenient to begin with. Things will settle down ", said the mayor of Constanța.

The initiator of the debate, Cristina Chiriac, the president of the National Confederation for Female Entrepreneurship (CONAF), supports the extension of the tourist season, relying even on bonuses, incentives for service operators who continue their activity. “I think we need to work in this direction, together with the central and local authorities, so as to create the right legal framework, even a bonus for those who do not interrupt their activity after the classic summer vacation. We are living a new beginning after the pandemic, which puts us on an equal footing with other neighboring states. We must be able to act and capitalize on the window of opportunity that has emerged, "said the president of CONAF.

"The public-private partnership, debureaucratization and development of the leisure industry are key elements for a comprehensive tourism project on the Black Sea coast", is the opinion of the President of the County Council, Mihai Lupu. He believes that if the above conditions are met, the tourist season on the coast could be extended throughout the year, as long as it relies on the diversification of services and the active involvement of the leisure industry.

Digitization in tourism in order to provide efficient tourist information in conjunction with the professional training of those who provide activities related to tourism services are priorities of the Association for Sustainable Development of Constanța County. The president of ADD Constanța, Ana Maria Vătămanu, declared: “We also note the need for a digital approach to the concept of Tourist Information Center. This online platform will be an essential element for the promotion of Constanta tourism both nationally and internationally by providing essential information to those interested: accommodation, logistics (parking spaces, fuel / electricity, car washes, etc.), places leisure for children, tourist locations and facilities, etc. ”.

The President of CONAF explained that the project "Romanian Tourism: Between impasse and opportunity" is not just a project, it is a tool for relaunching Romanian tourism and its inclusion in the sustainable development strategy, as a development axis with huge potential at national level . However, in order to achieve this, public and private investments in infrastructure, digitization and modernization of the sector are needed, fiscal stimulus measures must be considered and, last but not least, the correlation of the labor market with the real needs of the sector. "I support dual education and vocational schools and I believe that they can provide the labor force that Romanian tourism needs", concluded Cristina Chiriac, at the end of the debate in Constanța.

All the proposals and solutions offered by both the local authorities and the industry representatives had the support of the Romanian Government by the presence of the Prime Minister's Chancellor, Sergiu Hossu. as the Government considers tourism an important sector of economic development. We contributed to HORECA's support during the pandemic period and we introduced in PNRR funds necessary for the development of viable projects that would stimulate Romanian tourism. Starting with January 1, 2022, the holiday vouchers will be reintroduced and we assure you that the state will continue its mission to become a fair environment for all economic operators ", concluded Sergiu Hossu.

On behalf of the Constanta authorities, the event was attended by Prefect Silviu Coșa, along with prominent entrepreneurs in the field: Lucian Marinescu, Member of the Board of Directors of Intercontinental Romania Hotel Company, Ion Jugănaru, General Manager of Constanța Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Navigation and Agriculture , Daniel Mischie, President of HORA and CEO of City Grill, Iuliana Tasie, General Manager of Ana Hotels Europa Eforie Nord, Daniela Marișcu, Founder of Aquatica Experience and Mircea Dobre, President of UGIR Constanța.

The series of discussions on this project will continue on September 2 in Brasov, October 15 in Suceava, November 4 in Cluj, Bucharest. The approach comes in support of tourism operators and related services, in order to identify solutions to the problems they face and in order to position Romanian tourism on the axis of sustainable development. The National Confederation for Women Entrepreneurship points out that it initiated this national project in the context in which tourism, severely hit by the coronavirus crisis, is looking for solutions to return to normalcy.

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