The Coca-Cola system in Romania launches a new Sustainability Report

Coca-Cola system has released the latest sustainability report, which reflects how it has implemented sustainability practices in 2020 in relation to partners, employees and consumers, as well as the environment and local communities. The report is launched in one year anniversary for the company, which celebrates 30 years since the first bottle of locally produced Coca-Cola in Romania.

The Coca-Cola system in Romania consists of two companies: Coca-Cola Romania, the owner of the brands, and Coca-Cola HBC Romania, the bottler and the beverage distributor in the portfolio. And for these visions to be achieved, the two companies are developing their businesses based on the same values, principles and the same mission: caring for what we leave behind.

With over 1,500 employees, 3 factories, 1 billion liters of beverage produced and over 93,000 customers, sustainability is already integrated into every area of ​​the business. The system continues to invest in Romania, and each new project takes into account the long-term impact on employees, the value chain, the environment and the local community.

"Sustainability means constantly making sure that the impact you have is positive. For us, sustainability translates into care for natural resources, reduced water and energy consumption, investment in the community, innovations in operations and packaging, involvement in team development. For 6 consecutive years, Coca-Cola HBC Romania has been recognized as the most sustainable company locally. Behind these results is an extraordinary team, which puts passion into everything it does. But we know that there is still room for improvement. Our commitment is to continue to invest and innovate, so as to leave a better world behind us ", says Alice Nichita, Corporate Affairs & Sustainability Director at CocaCola HBC Romania.

“The year 2020 marks the end of the third decade of the Coca-Cola System's presence on the local market, a period in which the drink loved by millions of Romanians became a symbol of joy, emotions and optimism. In a complicated year, during a pandemic, the Coca-Cola System reaffirmed its commitment to the local community, investing over 9.5 million lei in sustainability projects. And #NuNeOprimaici. Sustainability means acting today, thinking about tomorrow. We are part of the local community, and our promise is to consolidate a sustainable business and contribute to change ", says Mihaela Niță, Public Affairs Manager at CocaCola Romania.

In building the sustainability report, the Coca-Cola System takes into account 5 main areas. Among the most important results presented in the report are:  83% of the suppliers are local, 27.6% of the total sales were low & no calories and water, 20% of the total portfolio is bottled in recycled PET

and 100% of the soft drink portfolio is bottled in recyclable packaging.  70% recycled packaging out of the total primary packaging placed on the market with a 2025 target to reach 75%.  94% of the total amount of waste generated on-site was recycled and  100% of all electricity used in factories comes from renewable and clean sources.

The total value of energy consumption reduction projects completed in 2020 is 11 million euro, with 832,338 kWh of energy saved. 

The company also achieved 1.9% decrease in the intensity of water consumption compared to 2019, compared to the volume of beverages produced in 2020 and 2% decrease in the intensity of emissions from Goal 1 and Goal 2, compared to the volume of beverages produced in 2020

The most recent commitment made by the Coca-Cola System is to reduce emissions across the entire value chain to zero by 2040. This commitment covers not only the operations of the System, but also the operations of its partners.

The sustainability report is available on the Dupa Noi website, the sustainability platform of the Coca-Cola System.

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