The founders of CITR, ROCA and ROCA X launch Impetum Group
Source: Andrei Cionca, CEO Impetum Group

Impetum Group was formed from the meeting of three players from the Romanian business environment: CITR, the leader of the Romanian insolvency market, ROCA, the first solution to consolidate the Romanian SMEs that have a valid future, but is going through a difficult time, and ROCA X , a project for disruptive start-ups in the technology market.

Impetum Group aims to become a resource hub, which maximizes business value. The founders declare that Impetum Group will do this by gathering business knowledge specific to each of the 3 stages of a company's life (startup, growth crisis, distress), capital, synergies and crossovers between complementary businesses, as well as a community of managers and entrepreneurs eager to participate actively in strengthening the entrepreneurial culture in Romania.

With an integrated approach, throughout the entire chain of a business, the experts of Impetum Group will evaluate in real time the needs of each business, they will fit them into a typology, then they will identify and implement the appropriate solution, using all the resources in the hub. Under the mission of consolidating and developing the entrepreneurial and management culture in Romania, Impetum Group also established a foundation, which will carry out educational programs and projects for the practical training of future leaders.

ROCA Accelerator Management will be the first initiative of the Foundation, for the development of the next generation of competent leaders with solid values. This is an MBA type program, but with a practical, applied character, which aims to compress the period that a manager needs to train after graduating from 10-15 years to 3-5 years.

The young graduates of European universities are targeted, who will have the chance to put into practice the theory learned in these prestigious institutions, while accumulating management experience in companies from the portfolio of brands within Impetum. In the first year the program aims to award 10 scholarships worth between 800-1000 euros, exposure to a diverse practical experience, as well as mentoring with some of the most successful entrepreneurs and managers in Romania. Impetum Group aims to contribute actively to the return of human values ​​to the country through this project.

"Impetum Group is the sum of everything we have created and developed so far. It is the meeting and synergizing under the same umbrella of all the initiatives we have developed in parallel over the last 20 years, in order to maximize the value of any business, regardless of the stage of development. A solid economy needs healthy businesses, capital, adaptation to global trends in technology and brave and well-trained entrepreneurs and managers. By bringing together the CITR, ROCA and ROCA X brands and generating synergies, Impetum Group will impact more than the sum of companies and so we will be able to really contribute to strengthening the Romanian economy, "said Andrei Cionca, CEO of Impetum Group and founder of CITR, ROCA and ROCA X.

Impetum Group currently has a capital of 40 million euros through its companies, a value that it intends to triple in the next 5 years. The coordination of the Impetum Group will be provided by the founding members of the partner companies, whose expertise in almost all business areas offers them a deep understanding of the national business environment and the experience needed to have a positive impact on it.

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