Mihai Marcu, MedLife: “It is the first time with one-digit growth in the private healthcare market, after years of double-digit growth”
Source: www.medlife.ro

MedLife’s turnover in the first half of the year amounted to 38.3 million euro, an advance by 12 percent compared to the same period of 2013. The growth rate of the medical services operator outpaced the average rate in the market which was about 8-9 percent, MedLife expecting to exceed, for the first time, 2.5 million patients in 2014.

“MedLife continues to strengthen its leading position in the private medical services market, which is reflected both by our financial results which indicate that we have further increased the distance between us and the next competitor and by the number of patients, subscribers and payers who choose our services. In the first six months the number of patients came to 1.3 million, which is equivalent to over 10 percent of Romania’s population”, stated Mihai Marcu, President of MedLife’s Board.

According to official data from the Trade Register Office, the other two major healthcare operators in the domestic market are Regina Maria and Medicover, with turnovers of 27 million euro and 24.5 million euro, respectively, the top being completed by Sanador, which recorded a turnover of 19.8 million euro.

“The private medical services market has not seen significant changes in the first half of the year, the only noticeable aspect being the stagnation of some large companies and the boost of other lower-ranked companies, trend which if maintained, could change the hierarchy of the major players in the private healthcare system and impact the market dynamics in the coming years. I am referring to Sanador which continued to grow significantly in recent years, whereas Regina Maria and Medicover slowed their growth which was situated below the market average, therefore , provided this trend is confirmed, Sanador has the chance to reach the level of these two operators in 2-3 years”, added Marcu.

He also explained that the market evolution will be impacted by some major transactions which will be announced in the next months, deals which concern both acquisition of important operators, as well as consolidations of the national presence of the leading players in the market.

As regards MedLife’s plan for the near future, the company will continue expanding its domestic network: two major clinics will be opened in Galati and Iasi, while two more hyperclinics will be inaugurated by year-end. Also, in 2015, the leading operator in the private services market plans to open at least four more clinics across the country.

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