Astra Calatori to break Siemens dependency
The Astra Vagoane Calatori factory is planning on coming out with its own tramway model.
It is trying in this manner to break the dependency it has on Siemens, its partner in building the Imperio tramway line.
Mediafax reports that the company is currently working on its own model. “ We are currently working on a tramway designed by Astra, through our design [...and] research team. We are developing this project in order to not depend on our external partner anymore. Because for every auction you win internationally there are conditions that the international partner imposes. In other words, you are not independent” Astra Vagoane Calatori 's General Director of Marketing, Adrian Paraschiv was cited as declaring.
He reportedly added that the company's new policy is to commercialize more modern, expensive wagons and stop focusing on selling a great number of cheap yet low quality ones.
Paraschiv also added that he noticed many European cities' policy for protecting the old centers from becoming overcrowded by cars and pollution by only allowing for electric traction vehicles to travel there.
He therefore was able to clearly see a good opportunity for the Arad factory, which will be participating in all such auctions.
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