ClusterPower inaugurated a 40 million euro investment in a technology park located in Dolj County

ClusterPower has officially inaugurated the investment of almost 40 million euros from Mischii, Dolj County, in a technology park where five data centers and a power generation unit will be built to ensure the consumption of the entire campus.

The visit to the site was preceded by an event to present the company that took place at the University of Craiova, which was attended by representatives of academia, public authorities and business, both in the country and abroad. In the opening of the event, Prof. univ. dr. Cezar Ionuț Spînu, rector of the University of Craiova, an institution with which ClusterPower has entered into a partnership to attract talent for employment in the data center, which stated: “I am honored to be here at the inauguration of a project that I am convinced that it will become emblematic for our region and that creates the premises of a true highway for collaborative projects, research and development. I wish for the University of Craiova and for the whole of Oltenia that such events are more and more frequent ”.

Cosmin Georgescu, CEO of ClusterPower spoke about the significant potential that Romania offers to this industry and about the advantages that the data center from Mischii will offer to the economy and society.

"We are talking about values ​​that ClusterPower embraces and the most important thing is trust. Trust is the central element of the relationship with customers, partners and all those involved in this project. Therefore, I am proud to have a partnership with the University of Craiova, because we are talking about innovation, research and applicability for our clients. I think that Romania has a lot to say in everything that means innovation, research, digitalization. We have many highly specialized industries in the country that need the tools we create at Mischii and I mean the supercomputer we will bring to Romania, a supercomputer similar to the one used by Pfizer to create the covid vaccine. Such a tool can certainly be used in the Romanian pharmaceutical industry or in the field of nuclear physics or in the energy sector ", says Cosmin Georgescu, CEO of ClusterPower.

In turn, Vladimir Ester CTO ClusterPower, highlighted the need to create such an infrastructure, which does not currently exist in Romania, and which will allow interconnection with 750 other data centers around the world.

"Technology has progressed enormously in recent years and makes its presence felt in the area of ​​astronomy, medicine, transport and even agriculture. The technology is in our hands, we use it daily through the many applications we have at hand. What do all this have in common? Infrastructure. They all need infrastructure, high processing power, telecommunications and a collaborative environment that can access this infrastructure from anywhere in the world. We have a community that wants such projects as ours and that wants to get closer to the trends in Western Europe or the USA, and our project in Mischii will do exactly that: it will create this infrastructure that will allow us a level of interconnectivity. which does not currently exist in Romania ", says Vladimir Ester, CTO ClusterPower.

ClusterPower is building a one-stop-shop Artificial Intelligence infrastructure near Craiova, the largest in Romania and in the region, which will create the context for stimulating the region's economic growth, allowing the hosting and development of state-of-the-art digital solutions with high added value .

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