Logistic investments surge in Romania

A recent CBRE report shows that Romania has become a “hot spot” for logistic investments.

As such, the total investment volume in warehouse and logistics properties in the first eight months of 2015 was around 260,6 million EUR.
This was seven times higher than last year's total industrial investment volume which was, in itself, a national record.
Industrial investment in the region has been picking up speed since 2006-2008 when it represented only seven percent of the total investment volume.
In 2014 – 2015 that number went up to 20 percent according to the same report.
Apparently Romania is an attractive market for those who want to expand their regional or European portfolios but it is also attractive because of improvements made in the occupational sector. The report also offers information on who dominated that investment market in Romania in the year 2015. Czech Republic and US investors seem to have been the principal players during this last year. Apparently the Czech developer and investor, CTP Invest, which owns 350,000 square meters of industrial and logistic space was the most important one in 2015.
Steady growth is expected in this sector, as, at present a number of large foreign investors are thinkng about entering the market. Given such circumstances a major transaction is not far from sight.
 Focus might soon shift towards the acquisition of sites which have the potential to develop logistics and manufacturing, since it seems that there are only few income producing assets which are available for sale.
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