Noerr assists Bikaldi in opening the first Kahve Dunyasi coffee shop in Romania

Turkish company Bikaldi that owns 130 Kahve Dunyasi coffee shops in Turkey and one in London, opened the first coffee shop in Romania, in Bucuresti Mall.

Kahve Dunyasi first opened in 2004 in Turkey and rapidly enjoyed popularity thanks to their "from producer to consummer" concept, where all the products – coffee, chocolate, ice cream and pastry are produced and freshly served in their own shops.

In 2011 they entered the UK market with a coffee shop in London and now, according to their consultants' press release, Noerr, they have big plans for Romania.

Noerr helped the group with the legal and financial aspects. The team of lawyers was lead by Cristina Stamboli (Senior Associate), under the supervision of Rusandra Sandu (Partner & Head of Corporate/M&A), and it also included Mihai Macelasu (Associated Partner & Head of M&A Practice), Roxana Dudau (Associated Partner & Head of Real Estate & Construction), Andreea Suciu (Head of Employment a& Pensions), Adrian Georgescu-Banc (Associate), Madalina Nicola (Head of Accounting, Financial & Tax Advisor), and Oana Cazacu (Certified Accountant, Financial Advisor).

by Mihaela Constantin

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