Bucharest Court decides on the fusion of PNL and PDL
Source: FreeDigitalPhotos.net/ Photostock

The Bucharest Court has upheld the decision concerning the fusion of the National Liberal Party (PNL) with the Democrat Liberal Party (PDL), the new entity taking the first one’s name, states Mediafax.

The decision, announced on October 6, also provides the deletion from the Special Register of the two parties and any eventual appeal can be submitted in the following ten days.

PDL and PNL set forth the related fusion documents on August 5, 2014, yet, the effective procedure has been several times deferred, as the court had firstly ruled on the merger by fusion between PDL and “Forta Civica” Party.

The merger protocol and the statute of the new party were approved by the two center-right wing parties within their joint congress from July 26, 2014.

February 08, 2021 13:31
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