Criminal Procedure Code amendments passed by Chamber of Deputies

The draft law on amending the Criminal Procedure Code was passed by the Chamber of Deputies, as decision-making chamber of the Romanian Parliament informs Agerpress.

The main amendments are: the unjustified absence of the lawyer cannot have juridical consequences for the culprit; in making a decision on the existence of a crime and the guilt of a defendant, the court decides with a reasoning, by sending to all the evidence assessed, the sentencing is decided only when the court has the certainty that the accusation was proven beyond any doubt; the precautionary measures for special confiscation or extensive confiscation can only be taken on the assets of the suspect or defendant or of other persons who are in possession of the assets about to be confiscated, if evidence or solid evidence exist that the assets in the case were obtained from criminal activities; the precautionary measures cannot exceed a reasonable duration and will be revoked if this duration is exceeded if the reasons had in view when they were established do not exist anymore; upon verification during the trial, if the papers or evidence are found null and void, they are eliminated from the case, regardless of the solution pronounced during the prior check; the appeal in cassation in favor of the culprit can be ruled at anytime.

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