Fusion of Democrat-Liberals and National-Liberals will be under the PNL name.

Vasile Blaga, president of PDL, said that the new party following the fusion of PDL and PNL will take the latter’s name, while it will keep the Democrat-Liberals’ headquarter on Mondragon Street in Bucharest. Their common candidate in the presidential elections which will be held this fall will be officially announced on August 4 or 5, as the Congress on the fusion of the two parties will take place on July 26. He also said that one of the parties will designate the candidate for presidency, whereas the other will nominate the candidate for Prime Minister.

“On July 26 we will held the congresses on the merger which will result from the fusion of PDL and PNL. This party will be called the National Liberal Party, and the related documents have clear provisions, and in all official communication we will use the same phrase, that PNL is the fusion of PDL and PNL”, said Vasile Blaga, quoted by Mediafax.

He further stated that their fusion project does not concern only the 2014 presidential elections as it was not initiated just as an alternative to PSD, being positive that they will win both the presidential elections and the general elections in 2016.

Klaus Iohannis, the new leader of PNL also saluted the fusion with PDL, pointing out that they have come very close to eventually unify the right wing after 24 years of waiting.

“This party will not be created just to win the presidential elections, this party will be established to change Romania, to change it for the better. Obviously, we want our common candidate to win the presidential elections, the candidate that will be designated in early-August, but we also aim to win the 2016 parliamentary elections, to lead Romania on a better, clearer path, so as to acquire what we all want: a better life so that people feel that this party comes up with a strategy, with a clearer approach in the coming decade”, stated Iohannis, as per the newswire.

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