Klaus Iohannis has won a new term as President of Romania

President Klaus Iohannis has won a new term of president by greeting "the most categorical victory ever achieved against PSD". The acting president leads the race after the Permanent Electoral Authority centralized the results from almost all sections. Thus, after the centralization of 99.89% of the polling stations in the country and the diaspora, Iohannis has over 66% of the votes.

"It is an important victory, it is the most categorical victory ever achieved against the PSD. I receive this victory with joy, with modesty, with confidence in Romania ”.

The PSD candidate, Viorica Dăncilă, categorically lost the second round of the presidential elections and managed to take over 50% of the votes in only five counties in the country. In the Diaspora, the PSD candidate obtained only 6% of the votes.

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