Notifications for renewing the terms of office of Competition Council leadership to be sent to the presidency

As the Budget and Economic Committees have approved the renewal of the term of office for both the president and the vice president of the Competition Council – Bogdan Chiritoiu and Otilian Neagoe, respectively, the Romanian Parliament is going to send the related notification to President Klaus Iohannis for validation.

The announcement has been made by MP Cristian Dumitrescu, vice president of the Senate, at the end of a meeting of the Joint Permanent Bureaus. 

He explained that the reconfirmation of Bogdan Chiritoiu and Otilian Neagoe at the helm of the competition authority requires a special procedure.

Bogdan Chiritoiu has been in charge of the Competition Council since 2009, his five-year term having ended in May 2014. 

He preserved, however, the interim leadership and will be officially reconfirmed for a similar term as soon as the President will sign the decree of appointment. Otilian Neagoe will maintain his position, as well, for a new five-year term.

February 08, 2021 13:31
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