PDL decided to start discussions with PNL on a possible center-right alliance

The National Permanent Bureau of the Democrat-Liberals has unanimously approved the initiation of discussions with the National Liberal Party for creating an alternative for Romania, a center-right alliance, announced the PDL leader, Vasile Blaga during a press conference. The decision follows the poor results obtained at Sunday’s elections for the European Parliament, won by the governing alliance PSD-UNPR-PC with nearly 38 percent of the vote, in the context of the coming presidential elections this fall.

However, Blaga mentioned that they foresee a cooperation on medium and long term, so as to possibly establish in the future a single and large right-wing party. “We are going openly to this discussion. We want to establish a cooperation on short, medium and long term. We will not consider only the presidential elections, but also the local and general elections in 2016. Moreover, we aim to create in time a single large right-wing party in Romania”, said Blaga.

He also expressed his appreciation towards the Liberals’ decision to adhere to the Group of European People’s Party, hence the total Romanian MEPs coming to 15. The meeting with the delegates of PNL was set for 17 pm at the Romanian Parliament.

PNL obtained the second best score at Sunday's elections, 15 percent, yet, below the target of 20 percent which lead to the resignation of the party's leader, Crin Antonescu. In their turn, the Democrat-Liberals accounted for about 12.2 percent of the electors' vote, but even cumulating all the votes obtained by right-wing candidates including the Civic Force and the People's Movement Party, the alliance comprising of the Social Democrats alongside the Conservative Party and the National Union for Romania’s Progress still has the best result - 37.6 percent compared to 36.04 percent.

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