President Iohannis partially approves government reshuffle

The new members of the Dăncilă Cabinet will take their oath on Tuesday at 15.30 at the Cotroceni Palace. President Klaus Iohannis announced that he had issued the government reshuffle decree, taking into account the PSD's proposals. The head of state also said that he approved the government reshuffle by presenting the list of ministers for which he signed the appointment decree, missing the proposals from the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration and the Ministry of Transport, in this case Ilan Laufer and Lia Olguţa Vasilescu.

Changes in Cabinet Dăncilă proposed following Monday's meeting of the PSD Executive Committee are Marius Budăi at the Labor Ministry, instead of Olga Vasilescu, Gabriel Leş at the Ministry of Defense, replacing Mihai Fifor, who resigned, Niculae Bădălău at the Ministry of Economy, replacing Dănuţ Andruşcă, Alexandru Petrescu at the Ministry of Communications, replacing Bogdan Cojocaru, Daniel Breaz at the Ministry of Culture, replacing George Ivaşcu and Bogdan Matei at the Ministry of Youth and Sports, in the place of Ioana Bran.

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