President Klaus Iohannis announced a 30-day extension of the state of emergency in Romania

The declaration of the President of Romania, Mr. Klaus Iohannis:

We have issued today the decree of 30 days extension of the state of emergency throughout the territory of Romania in order to continue taking the most effective measures to combat the COVID-19 epidemic.

Despite the unprecedented restrictions adopted by the states of the world, there are no clear signs of a possible slowdown in the pace of global pandemic evolution. On the contrary, the number of people infected with coronavirus, as well as the number of deaths caused by it, is increasing daily at an alarming rate.

It is absolutely obvious that we are struggling with an epidemic that is extremely difficult to control, even in the context of adopting unprecedented social distance measures a month ago, by establishing a state of emergency. Certainly without these isolation measures we would have experienced an explosion of cases impossible to manage by our health system.

It is precisely the black scenario that, together with the Orban Government and the medical specialists, we have proposed since the first signs of the epidemic to avoid. Firm and early action saves lives and produces positive effects in capping the infection curve.

Dear Romanians,

The danger has not passed, and a relaxation of restrictions in the coming period, as some politicians unconsciously demand, would lead to a sharp increase in new cases of infection, overcrowding of hospitals and a huge pressure on our healthcare system.

Stay home so you don't get to a hospital bed! Stay home so we can get our lives back on track, otherwise we will have a wave of illnesses and deaths. It would mean that all the efforts, all the sacrifices we have made so far have been in vain.

We cannot allow any step back in the context in which we are dealing with an intra-community spread, so far limited, but very dangerous.

As such, it is necessary to extend the state of emergency, which means maintaining the measures already adopted, as well as new regulations, allowing public authorities to intervene decisively and with adequate means for crisis management. During this exceptional state, provisions are needed to facilitate the uninterrupted functioning of the public administration, justice and other public services, infrastructures that provide essential services for the population, the state and economic operators.

Thus, obviously, the schools remain closed and all the didactic activities that imply the physical presence in the educational institutions are suspended. Online educational activities are organized, as far as possible.

I also decided by the decree we issued, that the Government will take all measures to ensure the food security of the citizens by continuing to supply, produce, process, transport and supply people with strict necessities.

During the state of emergency, prices may be capped on medicines and medical equipment, on strictly necessary foods and on public utility services, such as electricity and heat, gas, water supply, sanitation or fuel.

However, we have added in the decree a special mention for the situation in which there will be a decrease in prices for electricity and natural gas, on regional markets. In this case, the Government will take the necessary measures so that these decreases are reflected in the price paid by the consumer.

In the decree issued today, we maintained the measure that, during the state of emergency, for non-fulfillment of the duties of service, emergency measures can be taken, until dismissal, against those who hold management positions in sanitary units, public health departments, health insurance houses, ambulance services, as well as central and local public authorities and institutions with responsibilities in the field of welfare and social protection, regardless of their status.

The decree also explicitly mentions the possibility that, during the state of emergency, the management of civilian public health units can be provided by the seconded personnel within the institutions with responsibilities in the field of national defense and security.

During this critical period, the notice periods in the case of the resignation of the personnel included in health units, social assistance, medical-social assistance and in the institutions in the field of defense, public order and national security are suspended for the entire duration of the state of emergency.

Another area that I wanted to consolidate is the additional protection of vulnerable categories. Thus, during this period, it is forbidden to cease or suspend the activity of residential care and assistance centers for the elderly, residential centers for children and adults, with and without disabilities, as well as for other vulnerable categories, public and private. However, it is permissible for the owners or legal representatives of the beneficiaries of these services to transfer them to their own home or residence, if they assume, under their own responsibility, that they have conditions corresponding to their temporary protection.

In the field of justice, the judicial activity continues only in cases of special urgency.

In the field of transport and infrastructure, the Government establishes the specific conditions for the provision of transport, passenger and freight services, so that the protection of the population and goods is a priority.

We also provided in the signed decree that the providers of electronic communications services have the obligation to ensure the integrity of the electronic communications networks and to avoid the possible situations of interruption of traffic in the public electronic communications networks.

These are just some of the measures taken by the new decree, mandatory measures to overcome, with as few losses as possible, the serious crisis we are in. It is up to each of us to shoulder, with responsibility, the overcoming of this difficult ordeal to all mankind.

We all want to regain the life we ​​had before the outbreak of this pandemic, but how fast this happens depends only on compliance with these restrictions. There are measures that temporarily affect some of our rights and freedoms, but which save lives.

I appeal to all who believe that things are not so serious and continue to ignore the regulations of the authorities. Do not deceive the institutions of the state, deceive yourself! You deceive your loved ones, your children, parents and grandparents that you endanger because you do not take measures to protect your life and your fellow citizens. Any step beyond the lines drawn by these regulations can mean your illness and, furthermore, of your loved ones. Don't expose yourself and don't expose those around you! Be responsible and supportive!

346 people lost the battle with this ruthless virus. Pain and powerlessness, a huge gap in the families from which 346 people disappeared lightning. I want to convey condolences to the bereaved families and a lot of power to go through this extremely difficult time.

If the restrictions are respected by each of us, we can save lives. In these times, all, I repeat, we are all vulnerable if we ignore the measures imposed by the authorities. This crisis can only be overcome together.

I want to address especially now the doctors and the medical staff. Thank you again to each of you for the hard work you put in all these days. But the fight continues and we all need your professionalism and dedication.

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