Romanian President names new Prime Minister
The President of Romania, Klaus Iohannis, named the country's new Premier on Tuesday, November 10th2015.

Dacian Ciolos has been designated for this role and as such, the responsibility of appointing a new Government will be his.

Since the Romanian people have been contesting the entire political class recently, President Iohannis expressed his opinion with regard to the way in which the country 's future is to be built. In this respect he believes that an independent Prime Minister, a technocrat with no negative track record, might be the best way for his nation to go.

The President also declared that: “It is necessary to open up political competition. We cannot wait for an improvement or the reinvigorating of the political class that comes only from inside the parties themselves. We need new people as well. I have said this during many meetings and I have encouraged young people to get into politics. Without new people, it is hard to assume we will have a new political class. This does not mean that the old ones have to go; we need the old ones who are good to stay. But we also need new people in the system.

Having thus spoken, the President gave the floor to Dacian Ciolos, who declared that he will do all that stands in his power to live up to the trust which was given him, should Parliament choose to validate the mandate of the new Government that he is to form. Ciolos then added that in the following days he will be focusing all his attention on forming such an administration and that he plans to “open the Government up to society, in order to listen and make decisions together,[...] work with Parliament, even if the Government will one of technocrats, in order to progress together on projects which [they] set out to complete."

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