The PSD-UNPR-PC alliance wins European Parliament elections in Romania

The political union leading Romania’s Government, established by the Social Democrats alongside the Conservative Party and the National Union for Romania’s Progress, has won the European Parliament elections in Romania, according to the preliminary results released by BEC (the Central Electoral Office). Upon counting some 93 percent of the vote, the PSD-UNPR-PC alliance accounts for 37,25 percent, followed by the National Liberal which took around 14,9 percent, below the projected 20 percent, the leader, Crin Antonescu previously announcing his resignation provided PNL’s results do not achieve that threshold.

Top three is completed by the Democrat-Liberal Party with 12,26 percent of the vote, an independent candidate surprisingly coming on the fourth place – Mircea Diaconu obtained 6,95 percent, hence surpassing the Democrat Union of Hungarians in Romania – 6,48 percent and the People’s Movement Party, supported by the Presiden Traian Basescu, which accounts for 6,24 percent.

Corneliu Vadim Tudor’s Great Romania Party has not reached the electoral threshold of 5 percent, thus the Nationalists will have no representative within the European Parliament after being voted by approximately 2,71 percent of electors. Same situation for the former Prime Minister, Mihai-Razvan Ungureanu’s party – the Civic Force, which took only 2,64 percent.

Yesterday’s night elections for the European Parliament ended in all the Member State, after four days during which the EU citizens had been voting for their representatives within the Parliament. The new 751 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) have been elected for a five-year period and will take up their seats in July.

Of the 751 seats, Romania has been assigned 32 which will be allocated by BEC based on the number of votes got by each candidate, either it is about an alliance, party or independent candidate. Turnout was 32,24 percent (some 5.5 million electors) higher than at the last European elections in 2009.

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