Romania's general election law passed by the Senate
The Senate passed a legislative proposal concerning election to the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies and the operation of the Standing Electoral Authority initiated by parliamentarians from the Social Democratic Party, the National Union for Romania's Progress, the Conservative Party , the National Liberal Party, the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania and national minorities reports Agerpress. 
 The draft law mentions that the Senators and the MPs will be elected by voting a list of candidates according to the proportional distribution principle, with the rule being one senator represents 168,000 inhabitants and one MP in the Chamber of Deputies 73,000 inhabitants. The draft also defines the election threshold as the minimum of valid votes for parliamentary representation that should be computed as follows: a) 5 per cent of the total valid ballots cast nationwide or 20 per cent of the valid ballots cast in at least four electoral constituencies for all the electoral candidates and b) in the case of political and electoral alliances, adding to the 5-per-cent threshold will be 3 per cent of the valid ballots cast nationwide for the second member of the alliance and one per cent for each additional member without exceeding 10 per cent of the ballots.  'Legally established organizations of national minorities that fail to win at least one seat in the Senate or the Chamber of Deputies, will be entitled, under Article 62 in the Constitution, to one seat in the Chamber of Deputies, provided they garner at least 5 per cent of the average valid ballots cast nationwide for the election of one MP.' The law defines electoral fraud as any offense committed before, during or after the conclusion of voting or during the counting of the vote and the drawing up of the electoral reports that will lead to the misrepresentation of the voters' will and the generation of advantages in the form of additional ballots for election candidates.
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